Aloe Blacc— I Need A Dollar

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feelyoursoullightenwithjoy asked: Hey girl, I just wanted to say that it's super cool that you seem to be into Earthships, I am too! I don't even meet anyone who has heard of them even, so rock on girl, hopefully you'll find yourself in one someday :) I love your blog btw, have a good day ;)!!

Aww yeah I just saw an article about them the other day and fell in love! my friend has liked them for a while apparently and told me to check out the ones on pinterest, there are so many cool pics there too! I’d love to build my own someday! And aww thanks your blog looks pretty sweet too! hope you have a fantastic day :)

Using up some of my farm fresh veggies!: some bok choy , Yukon savoy, radishes, & spring greens, and some other stuff from my fridge :) #csa #firstlightfarm #springshare

Sometime I really wish I was psychic…my decisions far too often feel like gambles…but that’s just how life is I guess.

Stomach bugs can really kick the crap out of you…Felt sick basically all day this past Sat & Sun. My nausea has been gone for the most part but appetite & energy are still very low..blah.

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A home by US architect Michael Reynolds

Imagine a home that heats itself, that provides its own water, that grows its own food. Imagine that it needs no expensive technology, that it recycles its own waste, that it has its own power source. And now imagine that it can be built anywhere, by anyone, out of the things society throws away.

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They look more cool and fun than scary for the most part! I need to travel.


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